Ski region simulator 2012 download + serial+ crack+mod

Ski region simulator 2012 is awesome, brand new simulator game. Who like snow this is great opportunity  to test own skills.running of a Swiss Alpine ski resort.You can get this awesome game here Ski region simulator 2012 download 

About the game :

Show your technical and managerial skills in this high-quality
simulation by the developers of Farming Simulator.
Manage, maintain and expand your own mountains and villages in
the Ski Region Simulator 2012 to bring your ski resort to success.
Starting with a single lift and a short trail, the player has
to attract guests by tending his resorts and keeping the visitors
excited. The 4 km2 large ski region can be explored by foot and
vehicle. Furthermore, a large automotive fleet containing
well-known vehicles like snow cats and snow cannons can be
discovered and operated. Prepare the slopes with highly detailed
snow cats, build up ski-lifts with the appropriate equipment,
and take care of your fleet by buying the right machines.
To entertain the inhabitants of the resort, the player can
serve delicious meals in the upgradeable Alpine huts, and
deliver cool aprs-ski entertainment. If the player manages
the resort wisely, more and more visitors will make their ski
empire grow

As expected by a typical Giants game, Ski Region Simulator 2012
is characterized by high quality graphics and realistic technical
details. The game offers a broad and varied game play as well as
never-ending entertainment.

This simulation is an absolute must for all fans of winter sports
and technical simulations.

Partnership with Pistenbully

Free, open-world-scenario with day / night cycle and dynamic
weather that can be discovered by foot or vehicle

Expanding vehicle fleet with new and more efficient vehicles -
variety of snow related industrial tools designed to act as
extensions of the vehicles available

Detailed management system enables players to build and expand
their ski resort environment by creating new trails and
installing lifts

Varied scripted and unforeseen events will keep the player

(Play online with your friends in the multi-player mode)


1. Unpack the files.
2. Mount or burn the image.
3. Install the game and choose language (EN/DE).
4. Upgrade to version 1.01 by running the corresponding update
from Update folder on CD (EN or DE folder).
5. Copy the cracked files from FiGHTCLUB folder on CD
(subdir EN or DE according to installation choice)
to you game folder. Overwrite old files.
6. Run the game, and if it tries to connect to internet block
it in firewall or disconnect.
7. If you like the game: BUY it